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2020-12-08: A great news for all our member teams participating in bca cricket League. We have aquired additional land next to our present cricket ground where we are building 2 more full size cricket grounds. We are moving towards calling our facilities as Cricket capital .One address 3 cricket grounds with top quallity facilities.The new grounds should be put in use in April 2021 . We would like every cricket lover to come and enjoy your cricket at Bcag. You will get values for your cricket skills.

2019-01-22: Bca is happy to announce its next cricket program by introducing 20-20 or T20 in Feb/March ,2019. This tournament will be played with white ball and teams must wear their colourful cricket attire. Teams interested to join our T20 can contact us by e-mail , or whatsapp me at +6681812602


Bca Cricket League 

Bca cricket league was established in 2014 by its founders Harinder Singh ( Harry) and Tejinder Singh (Bobby) .This is an independent Cricket league and self funded.Our aim is to develop an atmosphere where fair cricket is played without any politics and cricketers are given an excellent ground to enjoy top quality cricket.
Bca Cricket League is part and brain child of Bangkok cricket Academy(BCA) .It is the only cricket academy in Thailand and recognized by the Cricket Association of Thailand.We have state of the art Indoor cricket facility used for practice nets and also Indoor cricket games. BCA  is the founder of Indoor cricket in Thailand represents Thailand in World Indoor cricket Federation.There will be various cricket tournaments played under the banner " BCA CRICKET LEAGUE".