Specific Rules for BCA T-20 League
Specific rules of BCA Twenty20 cricket league

The ‘Free Hit’ – The ‘Free Hit’ serves to penalize a bowler if he delivers a no-ball by overstepping his mark. The Free Hit is awarded following such infringement and basically means that the batsman will not be given out for that delivery unless he is run out. The batsman is essentially given a free swing, without fear of the repercussions. No bouncers allowed and anything overshoulder is called No-ball and is valid for "Free Hit'. All No-balls will be valid for 'Free Hit'.
Five-run penalties – In Twenty20 cricket, an umpire may award one of the team’s five bonus runs if he feels the opposition is needlessly wasting time. This is designed to maintain the flow and pace of a Twenty20 match.
90-minute time limits – Bowling teams are forced to complete their 20 overs within 95 minutes (i.e. four minutes and 75 seconds per over). A bonus of six runs is given to the batting team if the bowling side has not begun its twentieth over before their 95 minutes is up. Once again, this rule aims to maintain the rhythm and pace of the Twenty20 game, the umpire may add more time to this if he believes the batting team is wasting time. (Due to hot weather organizers have gone for 95mins innings from 80 mins innings +5 mins break which can be divided into 2.5 mins strategic time too, if agreed by captains and umpires).
10 mins Inning Breaks- There are 10 mins of inning breaks before the 2nd team takes the field.
Bowling restrictions of Twenty20 – In a move once more designed to favor the batting team, individual bowlers are only allowed to bowl for a total of four overs during a Twenty20 game. This obviously limits the damage that can be inflicted on the batting side by a single, in-form bowler.
The 120-second rule – Once a wicket has fallen in a Twenty20 match, the following batsman must take up his position at the wicket or bowler’s end within 120 seconds. If they are unable to do so, they could potentially be disqualified from batting in the match, umpire to be sole decider.
Fielding restrictions of Twenty20 – Twenty20 cricket laws only allow five fielders to stand on the leg side of the batsman at any one time. Similarly, only two fielders are allowed to stand outside of the inner circle in the first six overs of play. This number increases to five fielders in the remaining 14 overs. These restrictions are designed to increase the flow of runs in a match, in order to create more of a spectacle for watching fans.
Super Over - A Super Over determines the winner of matches ending with the scores tied according to the following rules: ... The team batting second in the main match will bat first in the Super Over. Each side has three nominated batsmen, meaning that the loss of two wickets ends the Super Over. The sides with the higher score from their Super Over wins. If the super over also ends up in a tie, will have another super over to get the winner in the 20 overs wins.
Toss and Game Time- Toss must be done by 8.45 a.m. (even if 5 players of any team are present). 1st innings 9.a.m to 10.35 a.m. Inning break of 10 mins. 2nd innings 10.45 a.m. to 12.20 p.m.
2nd game's toss must be done by 12.30 pm.1st innings 12.45 p.m. to 2.20 p.m.Inning break of 10 mins. 2nd innings 2.30 p.m. to 4.05 p.m.
Request to 2nd game teams to be present as early as 12.00 p.m. and start the 2nd game early in case the 1st game finishes early.
Mankad - There is no warning for Mankad and it only depends on opposition's Captain if he wants to give a chance or warning. No abusive words for the opposition if it comes in play.
Maintaining the ball -   No Saliva or Sweat to be used to shine the ball, incase any player is spotted using saliva on ball, team will be penalized with 5 runs.Umpires will be sole decider. 
Players eligible for Quarter Finals,Semis or Finals:  All players must play at least 1 league game, then they are eligible for Quarter Finals. All players must have 2 games (2 league games or 1 league game +1 Quarter final game) under their belt before they are eligible to  play  Semi finals or Grand Finals.
No players to be allowed to play at BCA  if he has travelled in from any foreign countries in last 12 to 14 days period, he is allowed once his quarantine period is over.
In this case we need every team's captain co-operation and which should be strictly honoured.
Maximum of 25 players can be registered under  one team per league.