Bca Cricket
 Bca cricket program
Bangkok cricket academy ( BCA)  has both indoor and outdoor cricket facilities.At present we have only one full size cricket ground and hope to add one more next season depending on aquairing proper land for our 2nd facility.
More cricket means both domestic and International or overseas cricket. We will be organizing various domestic tournaments/leagues starting from 18th November 2018 with Bca cricket League.It will be a 25 overs league played over Sundays. 
Our next step is T-10 and T-20  cricket competitions played at Bca cricket ground. Dates will be announced as soon as the ground is in operation.
We will be sending invitations to various teams around Bangkok .
We will be welcoming overseas teams to come and play some good cricket against our local teams .This will help in raising our cricket standards.
We will also be organizing  Bca/Bangkok international 6's ,T-10 and T-20 competitions during Summer after completing our own leagues and domestic cricket.
Stay tuned for more ....cricket